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10% Max on Concentrates? Really...

While i502 legislation told the governing bodies of Washington state that their constituents want legal cannabis, the bureaucrats at our states highest level have proposed a bill that will walk back access to a significant number of products available in cannabis retail stores today. Law makers for Washington state introduced House Bill 2546, which will cut THC potency across all concentrates to a maximum 10%. YES, your eyes are not deceiving you, 10-MFing-Percent!! Citing concerns over the connection between psychosis and “high-potency” cannabis, the new law that identifies “High-Potency” as any concentrate (dab, wax, shatter, vape cartridge, RSO, distillate, infused pre rolls and infused flower) that exceeds 10%. 10% is a baseless and arbitrary number pulled from thin air by a research group who defined “High-Potency” as 10% THC or higher. Your most casual consumer can certainly tell you that in general cannabis flower in its purest form consist of 20% THC on average. Someone from the state legislatures office needs to explain the math and physics to me because it makes no sense how a CONCENTRATED form of cannabis (or ANYTHING) will have less density (THC and any other cannabinoid or chemical compound) than its original or previous state. I am far from a scientist or mathematician, but this example of ignorance and dismissal of the will of the people will surely guide my decisions when I vote for future representation later this year.

To learn more about the bill and how to provide a response to your local representative, follow the link here.

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