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Medical Marijuana, Taxes and Savings

June 6th marked the beginning of new tax rules that apply to Medical Marijuana. To understand how this could impact your cannabis budget and shopping habits lets first define what medical marijuana is.

Medical Marijuana products are differentiated by the Washington State DOH (Department of Health). All marijuana products in Washington State must pass testing requirements set by the LCB, but in order for a product to be deemed DOH certified, another test must be completed (which includes Heavy Metals) in order for the product to be considered Medical Marijuana. All Medical Marijuana products will include a blue Washington DOH label. The Medical Marijuana classification can be applied to any product which includes Flower, Edibles, Beverages, Tinctures, Topicals, Capsules, Vape Cartridges, Disposable Vape Cartridges, Concentrates, Dabs, Rosin and RSO.

Now that we have identified what a Medical Marijuana product is let's take a look and how the sales and excise tax exempt status impacts the overall price. Tax rates for marijuana in Washington State are 37% Excise Tax and Sales Tax (about 10% but varies by city and county). The taxes collected are applied to the product base price. Typically, excise and sales tax is included in the product price but in most cases you can find the amounts contained within your receipt.

For example, 1 gram of flower has a tax inclusive price of $10.00. This is the price for anyone who is over the age of 21. That same $10 product will cost a Medical Marijuana patient $6.75. Another example is $100 spent on Medical Marijuana has the same purchase power of $148 if taxes were included.

The cost of a Medical Marijuana doctors visit ranges from $150-$300 so if you spend $300-$400 per year (or $25-35 per month) you will at lease break even on the initial investment of the MMJ visit and Authorization Form. There is no cost at Jet Cannabis to get your Medical Marijuana Card printed and laminated.

For more information about Medical Marijuana visit us in store, email or call! Visit the MMJ web page here

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