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12.30.21 New Drops Update

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

What a week of weather we've had! Unfortunately, this has created some delay but we have a ton in with more right behind it. Let's get to the highlights:

NEW-High End Farms (Including Ounces)

Bluicorn, Headband, Lemon Skunk, Hindu Skunk, Cherrygasm

Stingers and Multi Packs are back

Wavy Blue, Zkittles, WiFi Alien, OG Kush, Washington Apple

New Strains from Ooowee

Wild Card and Mr. Bad

New Shatter From Stone City

Silver Haze, Dutch Cake

New $150 Ounces from Snickle Fritz

Golden Lemons and Love Potion

New Mama J's Ounces, Pre Rolls and Dabs ($30)

Orange Cookies, Sundae Driver-Ounce, Quarters and Eights

New Dabs-Blue Zkittles, Orange Cookies, MAC, Grand Daddy Purple

New Rainbow Rockets and Rainbow Dabs

Prink Runtz from High Tide is IN

OMG Skyes Pre Rolls are IN

Uno Mas-New strains Ice Cream Cake, Pink Lemonade, Tropicana Cookies

Delivering sometime on 12/30-12/31

Oleum-Tuesday 1/4

Good Earth

High Tide


Uno Mas

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