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2/11/22 New Arrivals at Jet Cannabis!

Check us out daily for a different deal. We offer the best deals and brands in Everett and earn points on every purchase for additional savings.

This week we are featuring new small batch flower from Lifted Cannabis, Banana Cake, available in 3.5g only. This strain is cured and trimmed to the highest standard for smoker connoisseurs. The sweet and pungent flavors are reminiscent of the cake cross and finishes with a tart aftertaste upon exhale. At $60 per 3.5g jar, it doesn't get much better than this regarding quality, taste and effect. The blacked-out powder coat jars and bright labeling tie in well for this top shelf flower.

Limited supply available now at Jet! Come in on Friday's and Monday's for 30% off all flower.

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