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Cannabis and Pregnancy: WSU Study aimed at finding out more about risks, consumption and benefits.

Results from a study have recently been published by WSU researchers who studied marijuana and pregnancy within women who consume cannabis daily. CDC guidelines continue to warn against marijuana during pregnancy to avoid low birthweight, still birth and increased cognitive and mental issues. However, there is an increasing number of daily marijuana-consuming moms who rely on their cannabis use to manage a number of chronic conditions that would otherwise require another drug, potentially more harmful to the unborn baby. The most common uses are treating nausea, aid in sleep and provide mental health relief against depression and anxiety. While the physical risks to mom and baby remain disputed among patients and researchers, more information and research is needed to identify risks versus benefits in a clearer manner. What stands out to me most is the misinformation and fear facing newly pregnant women and how they disclose their cannabis use to their doctor. Fear weighs heavily in the form of being stigmatized or reported to CPS (Child Protective Service’s) for disclosing their use. Even worse, some may choose to for go prenatal care as a result. For more information, here is a link the published WSU article.

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