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Capital City Chronic

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Pre-Rolls, Blunts and Moonrocks... Come check out these new products!

Back here at Jet Cannabis Budtender Review. We've got a new one here. It's called Capital City Chronic. We have a few products, they're infused joints. We have some infused blunts, and also some moon rocks. They're infused blunts. They do have a BHO tip on them. So when you light them, you just want to angle it up a little bit, keep that tip up. You can kind of see it in there, in the video, but it also has some kief on the outside there. Looking at some pretty good numbers on there, the mid-30s. And then they have some gnarly moon rocks. Here, you can take a look at some of the flower in there, dipped in oil, rolled up in kief, and also putting up with some decent numbers. I got 32% on there. Well, come check them out. They're new to us, so we're excited to have them in. 11325 Evergreen Way, or

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