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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Just a little something about a great line of products- Flower, Pre-Rolls and Concentrates

Hello, and welcome back. Thanks for joining us. Jet Cannabis is reviewing another strain and farm. This is a newer farm for us, Seattle Marijuana company. Little known fact, they're from Seattle. They do concentrates and full flower cannabis as you can see here. They also do a great infused flavored pre-roll, the Shatter J, you can find that as well. Purple Pine Cone is what we're featuring today. A little bit about the strain. It's similar in genetics to Purple Punch with Seattle Marijuana company's own twist. Whatever they're doing, it's some of the frostiest flower that I have seen. And for 35 and eighth, it's tough to beat. Their Dabs are just as spectacular. Zoom in on that. They're putting out high potency Dabs. And typically with that, you'll forfeit some flavor, but not the case here. They were able to preserve that through their BHO extraction techniques and expertise. So next time you're in Everett, come check it out. Jet Cannabis, 11325 Highway, Everett, WA 98204 or at Seattle Marijuana company, concentrates and flower. Come pick some up.

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