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New product line from Full Spec

Jet Cannabis bud tender review here. We have a new product line from Full Spec Live Resin Badder. It comes in these little white boxes. I'm just going to flip it around for you so you can see the different sides. Then, of course, our warning, and then some of the numbers for you. I do want to open it up and show it to you. So hit pause here for a second, be right back. Here we have the box open. You can see it secured in there for transport. Once we pull it out, it is just a little black jar. So opened it up, and you can see it's super saucy and really nice, easy to work with. We have a few different strains. This one was the Citrus Wreck. I know we saw Indica earlier. But come check it out. It's in the fridge down at Jet, 11325 Evergreen Way (Highway 99), Everett, WA 98204, or

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