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High Tide Cannabis Company

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Hello everybody in cannabis world. We're checking out High Tide Cannabis Company, and in particular, their garlic glue strain. It's fantastic, third top shelf grower, and let's dive right into it, shall we? A little bit about High Tide. They're out of Tacoma, Washington. Great grows coming out of Tacoma. Add another one to the list here in High Tide. And one of my favorite features about their packaging, other than it looks cool, are two things. They have this tide gauge, thrill or chill, indica or sativa, depending on what you enjoy most and what you're looking to achieve from your experience. It'll inform you there. Have a little flavor spectrum, as well as some characteristics of the strain. Now, each strain affects everybody a little bit differently, but if you're wondering, because you can't open the jar and smell cannabis at your store, at Jet Cannabis, but you get a little flavor description and a strained genetic breakdown. Pretty cool.

In addition, you can get their dabs. This is the live resin Terp Doe. Live resin is a fresh frozen product that is ran through a BHO system. Why fresh, frozen important? You're going to retain turpines. You're going to hit flavor profiles that you would never achieve through a dried and cured product. Not to say those are bad, it's just different. It's going to lack a little bit in THC because of the extra plant products, terpene products in there that are going to yield more flavor. I shouldn't say plant products ... botanicals, botanical notes, flavors, things like that. It's gorgeous. 45 a gram, 45 an eighth, only at Jet Cannabis, 11325 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204 or online at See ya.

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