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K-Savage Supply Company

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

New Brand to Jet Cannabis out of Tacoma, WA... K-Savage Supply Company |

Hello, and welcome back to another Strain Review With Jet Cannabis. Today, we have the pleasure of reviewing a new brand, a new product out of Tacoma, Washington. K Savage Supply Company. And the strain we get to feature, smoke, and try is a GMO. GMO seems to be popular these days, and I understand why: it is a fantastic smoke. It's pungent. It's got that aroma from Tacoma that you can't mistake when you crack into a nug of that garlic mushroom onion. I like a lot of garlic in my food. I like Italian food. This strain speaks to my taste buds. If you're going for berries and sweetness, which I like as well, but you won't find it here, and that's okay with me.

However, K Savage, many fantastic strains to choose from. You'll have to come in to Jet Cannabis and check them out. $45 an eighth. Supply is limited. K Savage Supply Company is very much in demand, and we're fortunate enough to land our first of what I expect to be many drops. Come on through and pick some up. You got questions, ask your bud tenders, check out our website, order ahead and reserve for those popular items., in the background. And we'll see you at 11325 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204 or at Here in South Everett, Jet Cannabis. We'll see you.

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