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Mari's Mints

Got another Jet Cannabis Budtender Review for you. Here we have Mari's Mints. We have Move Mints and Retire Mints. The sativa blend, the Move Mints on your left. The indica blend, Retire Mints on your right. Here's a little closer version of the Move Mints. You can see, it's says sativa. They're both peppermint. There's 20 tablets. Each tablet contains 5% THC. And we're going to take a look at the indica blend, the Retire Mints. Both, again, peppermint 20 tablets, right around a 5% for the THC on these guys. And you can see some of the ingredients there. Tastes like peppermint. They're nice, discrete. Make your breath smell nice and minty. Come on down, check them out. Again, they're Mari's Mints, the Move Mints and the Retire Mints. Jet Cannabis, 11325 Evergreen Way (Highway 99), Everett, WA 98204, or

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