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New Arrivals this Week at Jet Cannabis

New this week at Jet Cannabis is highlighted by Blue Roots, Heritage, Fire Bros, Cloud Pack, Marma's and Hi-Burst.

Blue Roots offers exotic and landrace strains. Heritage by Blue Roots landrace strains in stock include Lamb's Breath and Maui. Both excellent sativa strains. Blue Roots exotic strains in stock include Permanent Marker and Sherb Cream Pie.

An instant fan favorite by Fire Bros is their Live Resin Disposable Cartridges. 3 new strains are in stock today (Macaroonie, Triforce and Apple Banana Candy).

Marma's are cannabis infused gummies which come in a variety of flavors and high CBD options.

Hi-Burst are a fruit chew, similar to a Starburst, that also come in a variety of flavors and high CBD options.

Come into Jet Cannabis weed dispensary and pick some up today!

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