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New Arrivals this week at Jet Cannabis 12.10.21-Flower, Concentrates and Live Resin Edibles!

Highlights from our new drops this week at Jet Cannabis.

Juicy Joints are back in stock with a new flavor to check out, Rainbow Sherbet, and a seasonal Supers Peppermint Stick.

New Hype Tax strains and 7g options-Ya Hemi, Sticky Buns, GD Pluto, Cake Mix and Cheetah Piss.

Dutch Brothers Runtz, Pink Runtz, White Runtz, Dutchilatto available in 3.5g.

New Bondi Farms 7g special. $45 per unit ($31.50 on special). Available for a limited time only while supplies last.

New Rosin dabs and vapes from Constellation.

28g Pre Roll packs now available from Phat Panda and Mama J's

Live Resin Edibles from Phat Panda and Smokiez now available. This is new to the market and if you like edibles, try the Live Resin versions and feel the difference.

We will be adding a new post every Friday with all the highlights from the current week drops and new arrivals.

Thanks for reading and supporting Jet Cannabis!

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