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New Drops at Jet Cannabis

New Cookies Drop-White Runtz, Red Velvet, SOAP and Georgia Pie

Exotikz Gelato 33 and Sunset Sherbet

New Brand-Emerald Mountain flower ($35-3.5g) and Dabs ($30-1g)

Dank Czar Rosin ($50), BHO ($45) and Distillate Carts ($35)

Avitas Live Resin Carts

Hellavated Distillate Carts and .5g Disposables

Lifted Flower-Boysenberry Creme Brule and Ice Cream Cake

Tommy Chong flower and Pre Roll Packs

Lefties Dabs-Cereal Milk, Gushers, Animal Face

Lefties 2 pack 1g Infused Pre Rolls

Hashtag Joints, Live Pre Rolls, Live Blunts from Hazy Daze

New Pricing on Dabstract ($35) and Sticky Frog Dabs ($30)

Check out the full menu and place your order online

Jet Cannabis 11325 Hwy 99 Everett, WA

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