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Noble Farms

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Growing Comfort and Joy from Tacoma, WA. Anyone in the mood for some pie?

Thanks for joining this Budtenders blog from Jet Cannabis. Today, we're featuring Noble Farms. They're out of Tacoma, Washington. Family owned and operated, something that's pretty cool is that they're pesticide-free. They actually use insects to fight other insects. But anyways, here, we're looking at their strain, Cherry Pie, and as we can see, the nugs are pretty dense. We got some purple in there with some orange hairs. The smoke is pretty smooth. It says it's an indica dominant. I like to see it as more of a hybrid with the Durban Poison and the Granddaddy Purp' cross. You can see on the lid, they have a pretty full terp' profile. But it's a very smooth, middle of the road relaxing high. With the Cherry Pie, it's actually their iconic strain. They've been growing it for years and they really have it dialed in. So come check it out here at Jet Cannabis, 11325 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204, or

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