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Panda Candies

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Phat Panda's Hot Sugar Panda Candies are a Great Edible Option

Welcome back to another Fresh Drop. Just landed here at Jet Cannabis from Hot Sugar, a couple of different edible options. The Fruit Drops, which are a gummy and the Panda Candies, which are infused hard candy. Both options offer a variety of flavors, mango, strawberry, kiwi, blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple, to name a couple. All options are available in 100 milligrams THC, 10 servings per pouch, 100 milligrams total per pack. This is going to be one of our most affordable options coming in at $15 per pack. So come into Jet Cannabis and pick them up. 11325 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204 or at We'll see you there.

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