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Founded on the core principals; Peace. Love. Cannabis. Evergreen Herbal has been the leading edible and beverage producer in Washington since entering the market in 2015. Leading the way is the flagship brand The 420 Bar. This chocolate edible is available is 7 flavors as well as high CBD options. In additional to chocolate, Evergreen Herbal also produces infused hard candy, gummies, traditional sodas, juice drinks, iced tea, and energy and sleep shots. Here are a few favorites from the team at Jet Cannabis:

Orange Cream Pie Soda-Available in 100mg THC, the is a classic throw back to an old school orange cream soda that pairs well with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

420 Minis Dark Chocolate Sea Salt-Available in THC and CBD, the dark chocolate is not only delicious be low in sugar and calories. The buttery chocolate is the perfect catalyst for a timely onset period and euphoric effect.

Sinners & Saints Blue Raspberry-Only in a world of pure imagination does a blue raspberry exist and the flavor is what you would expect. A little tart and sour with a sweet berry flavor. Most hard candy taste like weed, but not these due to the high quality distillate made inhouse.

AMP’D Energy Tincture Shot-100mg of THC and 400mg of Caffeine in a single 2 oz. shot. How can this not be good? This is the perfect AM pick me up or prefunk kick starter to an evening out on the town. And easy on the wallet, $15 per 100mg THC shot.

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