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Wellness for Everyone

At the heart of Ceres is the commitment to produce the finest, safest and most consistent product available. Through cutting edge technology, and advanced growing systems, we deliver on our promise. What sets Ceres cannabis apart from all other cannabis is in our roots. We’ve selected a grow method referred to as Deep Water Culture (DWC), which means Ceres flower is grown in highly oxygenated water that contains a perfect and proprietary blend of nutrients. Unlike soils or other growing substrates, our clean water and high-grade nutrients are the ideal growing environment for potent, pure cannabis.


Ceres Tinctures are bliss in a bottle. We combine our industry leading CO2 cannabis oil with avocado oil to bring you a natural, potent and low calorie option to enjoy our harvest.


Introducing Ceres capsules, our new line of edibles combining the strain specific benefits of our Pure CO2 extracted THC and CBD oils with expertly blended herbal supplements that serve to support your body’s natural rhythms.

Lotions & Balms 

Ceres is the industry leader in cannabis infused topical lotions and balms, and we’re pleased to announce our newest line of innovative products. Ceres takes no short cuts in the production of our topicals.

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